See you at the Conference in Bosanska Krupa

There is  only a week till the conference.  You can find information about the registration, program , plenaries and speakers on the TETA web page. If you follow the Facebook event page, you can also see the beautiful pictures of Bosanska Krupa, Una and all those wonderful little things that are waiting for you here. And yes, I found  them on Google.

No, I am just kidding. Krupa is one beautiful little town, a touristic place where you can enjoy nature, good food, and fresh air. The river divides the city into two beautiful parts, where every part of the city shares a different story, but homogeneous with each other.

Don’t expect too much, because too much cannot be real. But if you expect just enough, you will get even more.


This is the article about Krupa, or how to get to Krupa. If you are planning to arrive by bus, you should buy a ticket to Bihać. Krupa is only 40km away from Bihać, and you can find a bus line from there every hour or less. Also, the Una Kanjon is the most beautiful road to travel through, and I say through- well you will see it… The rocks, river, and the trees make the travel one  unforgettable experience.

If you are coming from Zagreb, by car, you should go trough Gorica, Petrinja, Hrvatska Kostajnica (border), Bosanska Kostajnica, Novi, Otoka and the next is Bosanska Krupa. About two kilometers after the sign Krupa, you will see the restaurant Makaba, the place from my  photos. You can rest a bit, drink coffee and give your eyes a beautiful gift of Una’s colors. And maybe you will even see some storks or herons.

The Conference venue isa huge building on the hill Hum, made of rocks and sand from the river. It is a historical place where you can meet the art and tradition, but also youth and new creations. The address is Trg  Avde Ćuka.

The hotels are in the city center, except Zlatna nit, which is a bit farther in the country area. Krupa is really small, so you will find your way very easy. If you are coming by car, at the traffic lights(the only one in the town) turn left(from Novi) /right(fro, Bihac) -( you will see a big pink building which says Ilma). Park there, in front of the hotel. On the right you will see two churches and a mosque, in the area of 50 m, holding their hands in the uniqueness of the phenomenon and the best representative how people here live. Go between the two churches, and when you pass them, you will see the town’s square, the bridges, cafes and Una. Enjoy.

The venue is up the hill if you come right on time of the opening, which will be at 2 PM. Pass the churches and a mosque with the road on the right and follow that road up the hill. When you reach the top of the hill, there is a hospital and a terrible roundabout.  Look to the left. The big rocky building will be waving at you. And hopefully, there will already be people present.

If you go on foot, just climb the hill, through the parks, stairs, shortcuts and between the buildings. You will find your way, don’t worry. You are not trespassing.

So, don’t really know if I actually explained anything, but there will be people in red t-shirts with TETA signs on them, so just ask them if you get lost, or anyone in the town,  just ask where is the greatest gathering around here with the greatest and most handsome people,  who totally accidentally are the English teachers? They will tell you.

See you in Krupa in a week. Have a great trip to here and get ready for one great conference and loads of fun.