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SOL2Trying to somehow capture all the wonderful memories from SOL camp in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia on a piece of paper (or in this case, the screen) is like trying to trap rays of sun using a glass jar – they’re there, but at the same time ethereal – and all the more precious for it. Instead, I’ll start with a thank-you note to all the colleagues from Slovakia, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, our organizers from Great Britain and Serbia – SOL/Premier Centar, and teacher trainers – Mark, Vladica, Sanja, and Mike – for making this camp an unforgettable eight-day experience on the sunkissed banks of the Danube.
SOL1This river provided not only the breathtaking backdrop to our daily wanderings through Sremski Karlovci, Novi Sad, and the islands, but it served as our main inspiration during the camp. During our „Rivers, Ripples and Reflections“ course, we discussed and learned about the history of these charming places, creating ideas on how to incorporate multicultural content into our classrooms, which would enable us to give a broad horizon of acceptance, joy in diversity, and compassion to our students as future „citizens of the world“. Mornings started with an invigorating yoga session with Branka, and evenings were filled with our traditional songs, food, books and conversation – and I mustn’t forget wine and laughter! Pretty soon we went from a „group“ to a „team“, and on the way we even managed to get infected with a catchy little tune about fruit that practically begged for a dance video – and this is where the Danube once again served as the perfect host SOL3(soon to go viral – check your FB stream)! Infected might be an adequate word for what we all shared during SOL, because enthusiasm for teaching had spread all over us in a matter of days, creating eagerness to get home and spread it further.
If this was TripAdvisor or a similar site, I’d give SOL camp in Sremski Karlovci five out of five stars – but this being the official website of an association of English teachers, I will then give a warm recommendation and urge all my colleagues in Bosnia and Herzegovina (and in the region) to hop on the SO(u)L train next year and refresh their mind, body and soul! You will return richer in knowledge, experience, ideas, creativity – and, of course, great friends.  Sounds like a cliché, but it’s the simple truth shining in those sun rays.

Ilhana Škrgić

/Photos courtesy of SOL on FB/