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ELT Mini Conference “Classroom Instruction” Successfully Held in Bihać

11150323_401311270048570_173882679997825076_nTo prove that we have a true spring in our steps, together with American Corner Bihać we have successfully held another ELT Mini Conference in Bihać, this time under the title „Classroom Instruction“. The conference was held on April 4, 2015 in the wonderful ambience of American Corner, and promptly at 10 a.m., after the welcoming remarks from AC’s own Mirela Midžić, our representatives Lejla Šabanović, Azra Muhedinović, Elvira Hodžić and Ramajana Zahirović presented TETA to the ELT colleagues from the Una-Sana Canton. Lejla is currently TETA’s Vice President, and in this function she presented the association with a focus on seminars organised so far, as well as the annual international TETA conference in June. She also gave insight into the newest happenings in the pedagogical surroundings of teachers from the Tuzla Canton, and the present colleagues were invited to join TETA and experience the multitude of benefits the membership would bring them.

Lisa Hundley, former English Language Fellow in B&H, and Ingrid Lechner, both English teachers in Eisenstadt, Austria, presented interesting classroom activities including crosswords, fill-the-gap dialogue prompts and other fun activities for English language classes. Esada Čirić-Delić, teacher at the elementary school „Prekounje“ in Bihać, presented her experience with the E-Teacher Programme and talked about a red-button issue currently in the entire country, and that is special education and differentiated instruction in EFL context, providing examples from her own experience of teaching in a differentiated classroom. Ilhana Škrgić, teacher at the elementary school „25. novembar“ in Velika Kladuša, showed a new approach in teaching idioms through the examples with the component „heart“, focusing on the pervasive figurative aspects of language.

11130214_401311486715215_543942575801043742_nAfter the three presentations/workshops, Neira Sijamhodžić, Mirzeta Pajalić and Elma Ramić, 2nd and 3rd year students at the Department of English Language and Literature of the Pedagogical Faculty in Bihać, introduced the participants of the mini conference to the project in which they are currently involved. Along with seven other colleagues, these students are part of the „A Learning Friend“ project, which focuses on individual work with children from the elementary school „Prekounje“. The end of this project will also mark the official start of the first English Language Festival, a joint effort of the Pedagogical Faculty and American Corner Bihać, which will be held at the end of May and feature student creativity and various cultural events in Bihać.

This mini conference showed once more that the teachers from the Una-Sana Canton are highly motivated and interested in their professional development, thus proving the necessity of a state-level association of English teachers, which TETA aspires to be in the near future. TETA representative for the Una-Sana Canton is Elma Bešić from Bosanska Krupa, so all those who would like to know more about TETA can contact her for further information.

For the participants and other ELT professionals interested in obtaining the material from the mini conference and other future events, we will post download links of PowerPoint presentations and other useful material on our website. Thank you for participating and see you in June in Tuzla!

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Special education and Differentiated Instruction in the ELT final


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